Welcome Post

This is my first post. 

It represents a test to evaluate the format and style. Most posts to be published here will also appear in my account at medium.com (@thejourneyofall).

Who am I? From a philosophical point of view, that's a still unresolved question. 

Who have I been? Now that's a more realistic question. But still, difficult to answer.

What have I done until this point in my life? This one I can answer it. I did a year and a half of postdoctoral studies in Mexico and three years in Germany. Previous to that, I studied physics through four years of bachelor, two years of a master, and five years of Ph.D. studies. So yes, approximately fifteen years of training my mind to think like a physicist. 

Why am I starting this blog?

During my last postdoctoral year, I decided to reevaluate my situation and the direction I was heading off. While looking for options, machine learning, data science, and software development sparked my heart. 

But to join the industry forces, I noted that I lacked certain kinds of experiences. 

This blog intends to journal my adventures and pave the way for those newcomers that, like me, at some point, feel lost.   

Feel free to join me and share your own experiences!