I love solving leetcode (LC) problems. 

Coming up with an efficient solution brings about a very special kind of satisfaction. Few things in this world can produce this in me. During my years as a research scientist, that was the type of feeling I would get every time a new understanding appeared.

Sometimes, ideas do not immediately come. They take their time like the preparation of any good coffee. Sometimes, a couple of minutes later, they appear. On other occasions, they might take a couple of hours. And at most, a couple of days. But those taking such a long time are always special. 

The following LC problems were those which I found closest to my heart.

Leetcode 48. Rotate Image (Medium)

Leetcode 20. Valid Parentheses (Easy)

Leetcode 5. Longest Palindromic Substring (Medium)  

Leetcode 3. Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters (Medium)

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