Make Your Day a Good Day!
(A To-Do program for the terminal)

Why MQRD? It's a funny way to shorten the expression Make Your Day. 

M-a-(KeYou)-RDay = MQRD 

Reminding ourselves that we are responsible for anything that happens on our day.

I wrote this piece of code to serve a very specific, personal need: to have a To-Do program in my terminal that could help me organize my day efficiently and effectively. For that purpose, all interactions should happen through the keyboard without ever resorting to using the mouse.

The first phase consisted of employing procedural-oriented programming to make the most of it. To see how far I could get.

Usually, I would have used a notepad to list the things I wanted to realize during my work day. So I already had in mind what I was aiming for:

  • Keyboard-oriented (meant for power users)
  • Keep track of my daily and monthly tasks
  • Editable/removable added entries
  • Status of entries: in progress, for tomorrow, done
  • Simple design and requiring the least amount of actions from the user

A Pomodoro tool is part of any good and productive work environment. Hence, I decided to add it so everything could be inside the same program.

Meanwhile, I can already say I enjoy organizing my daily tasks and finding peace knowing I can keep track of what I have done.

You can find the files here: GitHub